How You Can Help

  • Donate items for auctions (tax-deductible)
  • Include the Garchen Institute in your estate planning (tax deductible
  • Conduct an online fundraising auction on e-Bay
  • Help Jacki Elder with fundraising, or suggest and implement your own fundraising ideas and events
  • Attend events at the Garchen Institute in Chino Valley
  • Sponsor low-income dharma students by contributing to the Garchen Institute Scholarship Fund (tax deductible)

The Garchen Buddhist Institute in Chino Valley has been made possible through extraordinary generosity and blessings. Now built and available for the benefit of all sentient beings, these wonderful facilities require that the institute pay mortgage, insurance, utility, transportation, and ongoing maintenance costs.

Help the Institute and make a pledge now.


New Stupa Construction Project is Complete!

We rejoice in the great generosity of the Sangha! Traga Rinpoche's stupa of prosperity and blessings to the center is overflowing with funds. Thank you! May all beings benefit!

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Endowment Fund

For the future, we need to think Big Picture, long term, for the financial stability of the Center. If anyone is interested or has experience in developing endowment funds or strategic plans or would like to contribute to the fund, please contact me at or at 520-292-6070. This is something that needs exploration and development and I welcome all your help.

We are caring as lovingly as we can for Garchen Rinpoche's gift to North America and I am so grateful. May the blessings flow without end!

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche's comments on the Southwest Buddha Field Endowment Fund - (PDF)

To all of you in Garchen Rinpoche's mandala, I have some miraculous news to share with you regarding the Southwest Buddhafield Endowment/Trust Fund. It's really quite an amazing story. In November during the 2006 Vajrakilaya Drubchen, blessings rained down like a summer monsoon. One of the blessings goes like this:

Christina Lundberg, a student of Garchen Rinpoches', proposed we commission a large thangka with White Tara (Garchen Rinpoche) in the center surrounded by 1,000 Taras (the sangha). For each person contributing $1, 000 to the Endowment Fund, he or she would choose which Tara they wished to be on the thangka. I thought this a great idea, as did everyone here at the Center, and Christina was asked to write to the thangka painter she knows in Nepal to see if he could do this. Upon contacting him, he reported he had a thangka just like this already painted in his studio in Katmandu and that it would have taken a year to a year and a half to paint another one. Clearly this was our thangka!

Three sangha members immediately came forth to purchase the thangka, and we were able to present it to Garchen Rinpoche and the sangha on Losar morning. It now hangs in the Garchen Institute Temple next to Lord Jigten Sumgon. The best surprise is that not only is the thangka stunning, the White Tara in the center looks just like Garchen Rinpoche! She has a masculine torso, and her biceps look like she's been working out in the Bodhisattva gym.

For anyone who would like to be a Tara, we would welcome your help. There are four rainbow spheres filled with Taras surrounding the large central Tara, and for anyone who would like to be a "rainbow sphere Tara," we're asking for a $5,000 donation. If every Tara on the thangka is sponsored, we will reach our goal of raising 2 million dollars to seed the Endowment Fund.

To contribute, checks can be made payable to the "Southwest Buddhafield Endowment Fund" and sent to: Will Evans, 79 El Diente Ct., Livermore, CO 80536, or to Jacki Elder, 5210 N. Nina Drive, Tucson, AZ 85704.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Love to all of you,
Jacki Elder
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

3 year Retreat Support

Our current group of 3-year retreatants will complete their retreat in March 2013, and they wish to express their love and gratitude to all of you who have helped support their retreat through your kind donations and prayers.Your generosity in supporting their food fund has been amazing, and the retreatants would be deeply grateful for your continued support throughout the remainder of their retreat. Food prices have been rising significantly, and it is very challenging for them to meet the increased costs.

Both Guru Rinpoche and Milarepa have said that the benefactors of Dharma practitioners receive the same merit as the practitioners they support, and His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche has said that one of the very best ways we can help support the practice of retreatants is to make an offering to their food fund.

If you would like to help support the current retreatants by donating to their food fund or make an offering to the construction fund or scholarship fund for the next 3-year retreat please contact or call the office at 928-925-1237. Donations can also be made through our webstore donations page by clickinghere. When you check out, please specify in the "Special Instructions" field that your donation is for the "3-year retreat food fund" or the "3-year retreat construction fund" or the "3-year retreat scholarship fund."

3 Year Retreatants for 2010.

Prayer Wheel is Complete

Our new prayer wheel contains contains four mantras: Chenrezig, Achi, Mahakala, and Lord Jigten Sumgon's Guru Yoga. This prayer wheel will have great and manifest blessings. The Center and surrounding area will be transformed and harmony will prevail among the Sangha. Just touching a prayer wheel brings great purification of negative Karma and obscurations and all beings in the area where the prayer wheel is built will be saved from rebirth in lower realms. Thank you to the wonderful sangha that supported this effort.

Long-term Projects

Nunnery flyer

GarGon School Project

Funds for the GarGon School Project are needed at this time to ensure the smooth running of the schools. The 2 schools in GarGon and neighboring area have been built and the school in GarGon now has a kitchen.

Contributions can be made immediately securely by clicking on the web store link below:

Online Donations

Contributions can be sent to:
Jacki Elder
5210 N. Nina Drive
Tucson, Az 85704

Make checks out to Garchen Dharma Center and earmark "School Fund"

Dong-O-Drong School Project

Dong-O-Drong project is one of many out-reach projects that Lama Thubten Nima is responsible for.

Click for more information on all of Lama Thubten Nima's projects

Contributions to support the project can be made to:
Lama Thubten Nima
P.O. Box 4877
Chino Valley, AZ 86323

Fundraising Drive

Jacki Elder is directing the fundraising drive. We are asking our extended sangha to consider a monthly support pledge. Generous sangha members have thus far pledged $1000 (US) per month. Our goal is for the extended sangha to contribute 20% of the yearly operational budget or $2000 (US) per month. We are halfway there! Our pledges range from $5 to $175 per month. Please consider a contribution or any size as all contributions are appreciated and and judiciously utilized.

Garchen Book Shop & Web Store

We have opened a book and gift shop at the Support Building as well as the GBI-Webstore where you can safely shop for dharma items online. Both support the Garchen Buddhist Institute.