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The list contains some people willing to offer rides or those that need rides to and from the Institute. The list only display's entries made within the last 30 days. So only request rides within 30 days of the event(s) you're planning on attending.

The Garchen Institute cannot validate entries to this free service to the sangha, so persons participate at their own risk.

There are 5 needing a ride.

Name: Sasha Bedcher


Phone: +79261125220

Hi, we are 3 people need a ride from Phoenix Airport late on Feb 6 or Feb 7 morning, or from Prescott in the morning Feb 7.

Name: Dominique


Phone: +4915157443529

Coming to the Yamantaka Dr., need a ride from Prescott to the Institute on February 8th, around 9 pm. One person.

Name: Olga D'Alesio


Phone: 732-766-1059

I am arriving to PHX on Feb.8 at 2 PM Would like to share ride to GBI

Name: Wenli



Will arrive at Phoenix airport 8:10pm on Feb 9th. Need to be at GBI before 10am Feb. 10th. Wonder if there is someone else in the similar situation. We may go up to GBI together.

Name: Janel


Phone: 801-689-2235

Need a ride to Yamantaka/the Institute from Phoenix to make arrival by 10am Tuesday, Feb, 10th. I'll buy the gas!